Shahab Al Bulushi
Managing Partner, Head of Corproate

Shahab is the managing partner as well as the head of corporate and contracts departments at A&CO Law Firm. Shahab is graduated from the University of Liverpool with an LLB degree, and he was involved in the process of A&CO Law establishment. 

Shahab is currently heading the internal operations of A&CO as well as being the head of corporate and commercial departments at A&CO Law. Shahab is specialised in advising different commercial projects agreements for different clients at A&CO Law where he proved capability in understanding the nuances of the legal matters and offering the most optimum options therein. He also advises A&CO clients in claims and oversees the procedures thereof as handled by the firm. 

Shahab has advised different prestigious clients in various projects and claims including:

  • construction (FIDIC, standard conditions and design-build);
  • franchise and operation & management within hotels;
  • F&B;
  • agricultural investments and development;
  • renewable energy (green hydrogen and solar power)
  • real estate & land development;
  • charity and endowments (Waqf);
  • intellectual property;
  • cryptocurrency and IT solution and consulting;
  • education and training; and
  • digital marketing and commerce.

As part of the ADR department at A&CO Law Firm, Shahab with the ADR team is responsible of the procedures in the arbitration cases handled by A&CO Law Firm. 

Before starting his legal career in Oman, Shahab has worked in the University of Liverpool Law Clinic department as a legal translator/interpreter by working closely with UK qualified legal advisers by attending face-to-face interpretation/translation sessions with Law Clinic clients and clients of the European Lawyers in Lesvos project. 

Shahab is also a published author in Intellectual Property law in the 5th volume of the 'University of Liverpool Law Review Publication' in an article published as one of the academic year’s top legal articles titled "The relationship between originality and infringement in UK and EU copyright: When will the law reflect new realities?". The article expounded on the issue of how to reconcile the two contentious copyright concepts of originality and infringement in the contemporary digital world that is becoming increasingly interconnected.